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About Us

We are a scrum team of product marketers and IT specialists. We provide an outsourced marketing department. For more than 15 years, we have been providing a range of product/business launches and launches in Spain, Estonia, Finland, Switzerland and other European countries. We actively use an agile approach in our work.

Our sсrum team has 12 certified specialists. We specialise in international projects and we have an international team working on our projects. 


For more than 15 years, we have provided start-up and launch services for various products/businesses in Spain, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Finland and other European countries, as well as in Canada and America.


How we work


We study your project in detail, analyse the market and competitors, conducting an in-depth industry analysis. We agree on project details and a strategy for attracting the target audience.


We integrate end-to-end analytics for multi-channel evaluation of our results, measure conversion rates, evaluate Results and effectiveness using a KPI model, provide interim reports.


Based on the findings, we create a semantic core and digital strategy, develop a website architecture for the business/product, a web design based on user experience and analytics data.


The result: you get high quality service, market and product analytics that a professional marketing team can do, an effective website to interact with an unlimited internet audience.


We test and submit your web project & carry out a range of work to promote your business or product via Internet. For successful promotion, we create additional virtual brand representations.


We provide warranty service, support and further maintenance of the project. We advise on strategies to promote your brand on the internet.

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