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Web Design
in Barcelona

We create premium web design UI/UX. We develop multilingual turnkey websites that solve business needs.

Modern American technologies

Integration with advanced marketing tools




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The cost of website building at Fenix Digital Technology depends on four components:

Website architecture and functionality

Number of services to integrate

Website type & difficulty 

Number of language versions


Additional languages may be available on request

  • English

  • Spanish

  • French

  • German

  • Finnish

  • Russian

  • Ukrainian

  • Portuguese

Everything you’ll need. Nothing you won’t.

Find out how we build international web projects that succeed on Google and among users

The benefits of working with Fenix Digital

Fenix Project Team

What are the specialist roles in our team


International experience

Implemented more than 200 successful European web projects. We know how to get the most out of your website and make it convertible.


Comprehensive analysis & transparent data

We set up software solutions to collect data via Google Analytics, Call Tracking and other analytics systems.


Fenix integrated teamwork

We know how difficult it is to assemble a team of experienced professionals working for results. We provide you with such a team to carry out complex marketing work.


Sales-oriented design, smart navigation

We know how a selling website design works, we create the right architecture and navigation, we know how to build a successful website for your product.


Certified UI/UX Experts

Our experts are certified by leading companies, including advertising giants Google and Facebook.


Comfortable collaboration

We provide a personal manager who will answer your questions, advise, train, accompany and provide detailed progress reports.

Marketing & SEO Analyst

Senior qualification with experience of EU projects


Analyses the business, product, market and competitors in your field. Conducts semantic analysis and competitor website analysis to find the best technical solutions for your project.

SEO specialist

Senior qualification with experience of EU projects


Creates a semantic core based on data from a market analyst, allocates the relevance of the target sections of the website to specific business objectives, defines the structure of the website, and conducts search engine optimisation of the website. Based on the data from the web analyst, develops Terms of Reference for the SEO-copywriter. Works in conjunction with a web designer.

Web designer UX/UI expert

Senior qualification with experience of EU projects


Creates a website prototype, prepares the website layout for different versions (desktop and mobile), creates adaptive and cross-browser layout, hosts the website on a test server.

SEO Copywriter

Native specialist, bilingual with experience of EU projects


Creates sellable content that can get pages into high Google search positions, provides text content for all sections of the website.

IT Project manager

Highly qualified with over 15 years' experience in EU projects


Knows all the details of the project, answers all questions, and maintains feedback between all team members and the client. Coordinates and accompanies the project from the beginning of its development to the end of the warranty period.

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