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We help businesses in Europe, Brexit and America find customers faster by integrating technology and digital marketing solutions.

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Testimonials from our valued customers

Mikhail & Stanislav 

Founders and lawyers of Ah&LawPartners, Barcelona

Our marketing costs with Fenix have long since paid off: we're at the top of the search engine results and get calls from customers every day, they find us themselves! We are now continuing to work with Fenix on other projects.


Founder of a Ruslandia language school in Barcelona

Even before I started, I knew several professionals from the Fenix team personally from their past experience and I already knew that they would do what I wanted. Their quick help, professional advice and guidance made it possible to develop a great website for our language school in Barcelona.


Representative of Black Pearl Properties company

When working on the project, communication with the team was important to me. It was very valuable that for every question I had about the project, I received a clear and detailed answer. We did a great project and I have a very good impression of the whole Fenix  team.


Founder of Spain Costas, real estate agency in Barcelona

Quality workmanship, attention to detail, competent realisation and high results for all tasks solved. Developed and launched the project from scratch, completely satisfied with the results.

With the Right Team, Great Things Can Happen

Development of turnkey IT solutions in Barcelona, Tallin, London, Monaco, France, Finland, Switzerland and other countries.

Get Ready to Maximize Your Productivity With Our IT Solutions

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