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Top House Realty

We launched a turnkey website for the THR estate company in 4 months.

We have created a website for one of Catalonia's most respected estate companies in three languages: English, Spanish, and Russian.

  • UI/UX website has simple navigation

  • Multilingual functionality

  • SEO-optimized for Google & Yandex 

  • ​The multi-level functional property catalog

  • The website is designed in a minimalist style with interactive elements.

Performance you'll want to feel.

Project information

Project information


Welcome to one of the most respected companies in Catalonia! Top House Realty (THR) offers unique services in architecture, construction, real estate sales, and rentals. Fenix Digital Technology is thrilled to present the website we created for THR, a digital platform that showcases its exceptional offerings in three languages: English, Spanish, and Russian.

User-friendliness: UI/UX website design


At our digital marketing agency Fenix Digital Technology, we prioritise user experience and our UI/UX website design ensures easy navigation for visitors. With a user-friendly interface, potential clients can seamlessly explore the diverse range of services provided by Top House Realty. Whether you're looking for architectural expertise, construction services, or properties for sale or rent, our website offers an intuitive and streamlined experience.


Multilingual website functionality


Recognizing the international clientele of Top House Realty, we incorporated multilingual functionality into the website. This feature enables visitors from different linguistic backgrounds to access the site in their preferred language, ensuring that language barriers do not hinder their experience. This expansion of accessibility enhances user satisfaction and broadens the company's reach in the global market.


Comprehensive SEO optimization strategies


To maximize the online visibility of Top House Realty, we implemented comprehensive SEO optimization strategies. By adhering to industry best practices and following Google's guidelines, we ensure that the website ranks well in search engine results. This increased visibility leads to more targeted organic traffic and improves the chances of reaching potential clients searching for real estate services in Spain.


Flexible and scalable website structure


Anticipating the growth of Top House Realty's services, we structured the website to be flexible and scalable. As the company expands its offerings and property catalog, the website can easily accommodate the growth and showcase the latest properties available for sale or rent. This adaptable structure ensures that the website remains up-to-date, providing clients with accurate and relevant information.


The key component of the website: property catalog


The property catalog, a key component of the website, boasts flexible functionality for efficient management. With hundreds of listed properties for sale and rent, the website is equipped to handle high loads of simultaneous visits from a large number of users. This robust infrastructure guarantees a smooth browsing experience for visitors, allowing them to search and explore properties effortlessly.


The multi-level functional property catalog includes filters and sorting by parameters such as:


  • Spain Regions

  • Property Type

  • Item Price

  • Lot Price

  • Deal Type

  • Novelties


The principles of minimalist design


Embracing the principles of minimalist design, we created a visually appealing website with interactive elements. The clean and modern layout highlights the properties and services offered by Top House Realty, capturing the attention of potential clients. Interactive features and engaging animations enhance user engagement and provide an immersive browsing experience.


Proven effectiveness in attracting potential customers


To ensure that Top House Realty's website attracts targeted clients, we conducted thorough SEO optimization. By researching relevant keywords and implementing strategic content placement, we enhance the website's visibility and attract potential clients actively searching for real estate services in Spain. Additionally, we launched a blog that offers valuable insights and guides, establishing Top House Realty as an authority in the industry.


Our website, crafted with passion and expertise, has proven its effectiveness in generating leads and driving business growth. With years of experience and dedication, we have created a digital presence for Top House Realty that consistently ranks well in search engines, bringing in valuable leads and bids.


Discover the power of flexibility and scalability with the Fenix Digital Technology website


Our site boasts flexible functionality, specifically designed to manage the extensive property catalog. With the ability to withstand high loads of simultaneous visits from numerous users, our robust infrastructure ensures a seamless browsing experience. Explore hundreds of listed properties for sale and rent, all at your fingertips. Experience the convenience and efficiency of our property catalog today.


Experience the excellence of Top House Realty's services through their exceptional website: Immerse yourself in a world of architectural marvels, top-notch construction services, and an extensive catalog of properties for sale or rent.


Fenix Digital Technology is proud to have partnered with Top House Realty, creating a 100% Google-friendly website that reflects their professionalism and commitment to serving their clients in Spain and beyond.

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