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Casamiga Events

We launched a turnkey website for an international event company in 3 months.

We created a website for an international event management company in Spain and other European countries, taking into account the expansion of the company's services and content of different types:

  • User experience UI/UX design

  • SEO optimization

  • Multilingual functionality

  • Modern & functional web-design

  • Multilevel flexible & scalable functionality for different  types of content

The Barcelona brightness and diversity that so many people love.

Project information

Project information


Welcome to the exciting world of Casamiga Events, an international event management company specializing in events throughout Spain and Europe. Fenix Digital Technology is proud to present the website we created for Casamiga Events, designed to showcase the event agency's experience with its premium multi-disciplinary services and ease of use.



With a focus on user experience, our UI/UX website design ensures simple and intuitive navigation. Visitors can easily explore the diverse range of services offered by Casamiga Events, including birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, parties, shows, children's parties, decor, site selection, booking artists, theatre, and film shoots. The user-friendly interface allows users to effortlessly find the information they need and engage with the event company's services.


Flexible Website Functionality 


The website boasts flexible functionality, allowing efficient management of Casamiga Events' extensive service catalog. From organizing events of varying scales and formats to providing comprehensive event-related services, the website enables smooth coordination and streamlines the event planning process. Clients can easily access and explore the wide array of services offered by Casamiga Events, enhancing their event planning experience.


Multi-Level Functional Service Catalog


The Casamiga Events website offers a multi-tiered, functional service catalog, providing clients with an extensive selection of venues in Barcelona, Costa Brava, Lloret de Mar, and other regions of Spain and Europe. From picturesque outdoor venues to elegant banquet halls, clients can explore and choose the ideal venue for their event, and quickly and easily contact the organisers to book a bespoke event.


The catalog functionality allows users to filter and search for types of services and events based on their specific requirements, simplifying the process of selecting an event agency's services.


Flexible and scalable website structure


Recognizing the growth potential of Casamiga Events' services, we structured the website to be flexible and scalable. The website can easily accommodate the growing demand as the company expands its offerings and portfolio. This scalability ensures that the website remains up-to-date, providing clients with the latest information and offerings from Casamiga Events.


The key component of the website: service catalog


The service catalog, a key component of the website, boasts flexible functionality for efficient management. Presenting Casamiga Events' dozens of event services, the website is equipped to handle a high load of simultaneous visits from a large number of users. This robust infrastructure ensures visitors have a smooth experience of the site, allowing them to easily search and explore the event agency's services.


The multi-level functional service catalog includes sorting by parameters such as:


  • Keywords

  • Service Type

  • Item Type

  • Deal Type

  • Audience Type

  • Novelties

  • Event ideas

  • Portfolio

  • Video


SEO-Optimized and Multilingual


We implemented comprehensive SEO optimization strategies to enhance the visibility of Casamiga Events' website in search engine results. By targeting relevant keywords and following SEO best practices, we ensure that the website ranks well and attracts organic traffic from potential clients searching for event services. 


The website also features multilingual functionality, allowing the event agency to offer its services in additional languages and serve an international clientele, while international users can access the site in their preferred language.


The blog offers many useful categories 


To maximize the reach and exposure of Casamiga Events, we launched a blog integrated into the website. The blog offers numerous categories to present event proposals, useful ideas, and inspiring content through text, photos, and videos. This engaging platform allows Casamiga Events to share its expertise, highlight successful events, and provide valuable insights to potential clients.


With a comprehensive SEO strategy and recommendations for an SMM (Social Media Marketing) strategy, we ensure that Casamiga Events' website reaches its target audience effectively. Through targeted optimization, social media campaigns, and strategic content creation, the website gains visibility, attracts potential clients and establishes Casamiga Events as a leader in the event industry.

Discover the power of flexibility and scalability with the Fenix Digital Technology website


Experience the magic of Casamiga Events through their exceptional website: Immerse yourself in a world of unforgettable events, seamless planning, and extraordinary experiences. Fenix Digital Technology is proud to partner with Casamiga Events to create a website that reflects professionalism, creativity, and commitment to hosting the best and most unforgettable events in Spain and across Europe.

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